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Macomb Charity Connect


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The mission of the Macomb Charity Connect is to enhance and enrich the quality of life in Macomb and adjacent communities either directly or in  partnership with other nonprofits to promote charitable giving for Arts, Human Services, Leadership, Education, Conservation, Recreation, and Community Charitable needs.


Macomb Charity Connect will achieve its mission through the following goals:

       To promote activities and programs which will provide Macomb and Residents of surrounding Communities directly or in partnership with other non-profits, via the Grant Process, the opportunity for:   

A. Human Services
B. Support for Community Arts & Music
C. Community Leadership
D. Charitable Giving   
E. Enrichment through Education
F. Conservation
G. Health & Safety
H. Recreation
I.   Partnering with other non-profits



Human Services

Support for Community Arts & Music

Community Leadership

Charitable Giving

Enrichment through Education


Health & Safety


Partnering with other non-profits